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Oakwood Ministries
304 Pearman Dairy Rd.
Anderson, SC 29625
    Sunday School (all ages)  9:30 a.m.
    Morning Worship             10:30 a.m.
    Evening Service                 6:00 p.m.

   AWANA                                6:30 p.m.
   Youth Alive (Teens)              6:45 p.m.
   Prayer Meeting                    7:00 p.m.




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Oakwood Preschool


HOURS: 7am – 6pm

Ages 6 weeks – 3 years old

Registration Fee: $50.00
Material Fee for K2 & K3: $100.00

Full time: 4 or more days $125.00 per week
3 days $350.00 per month
2 days $250.00 per month

Ages 6 weeks – 3 years old

Registration Fee: $50.00
Material Fee for K2 & K3: $100.00

Part Time: 8am – 12pm

1 day per week $100.00 per month
2 days per week (T,Th) $145.00 per month
3 days per week (M,W,F) $185.00 per month
5 days per week $325.00 per month

4 year old Kindergarten rates

 Registration Fee: $50.00
 Material Fee: $100.00

Half day (7:30am – 12:30pm) $300.00 per month (Aug.-May)
Full day (7:30am – 3:30pm) $400.00 per month (Aug.-May)
Full day with extended care (7am-6pm) $500.00 per month (Aug.-May)
♦ A 5% discount is given if paid in full by September 1st.

Registration and Admission Procedure:
I: The following forms need to be completed and all fees need to be paid before the first day of school:
   1. Student registration form.
   2. Emergency permission form.
   3. DSS information sheet.
   4. Registration fee and Material fee (non-refundable)
   5. Current South Carolina Immunization Form

II. Classroom Assignments
    Many factors are considered in making classroom assigments. The director reserves the right to make this decision. Special requests for placement cannot be granted. All of our teachers are excellent and your child will have a positive experience with each one of them.

III. Curriculum
     Our teachers use the A BEKA curriculum guide and the Bob Jones preschool curriculum. A BEKA curriculum offers an easy to use preschool program for 2s. Our 3's and 4's are currently using Bob Jones curriculum.

Sick Child Policy

If your child has a fever of 100 degrees or more, they will be sent home.

If your child throws up, they will be sent home.

If your child is an infant or toddler (under 2) and has 3 runny bowel movements, they will be sent home.

If your child is a 2 year old and older and has 2 runny bowel movements, they will be sent home.

If your child is sent home by anyone at the child care they are not allowed to come back until they have been a whole day without any of the above mentioned sickness.

If you want to you can take your child to the doctor to get a note saying that they are allowed to come back to the child care earlier. The note must be specific as to what your child has (ex. Ear infection, sinus infection, etc.)

The note cannot say the following things:
  • The child has diarrhea because of an antibiotic
  • The child has a fever because of teething
  • The child has vomiting because of reflux
The only way a doctor would know any of this is to eliminate the possibility of a virus by doing blood work.

We will do the following things for you:

If your child is in the teething stages of life, and they do not have a fever over 101 degrees, we will check for bulging gums, chewing on something, biting, or rubbing their gums. If we do not see any additional signs, the teething reason will not be taken into consideration.

If your child is in any room, we will check to see if they are on antibiotic (which sometimes causes diarrhea) and or if they throw up, we will make sure they were not coughing or eating at the time.

If the above things occur and there are more than 2 children in the room that have the same symptoms, we will assume that everyone has the virus and your child will be sent home.

If your child has been sick the night before, do not bring them to child care.

We can all work together to keep your children as healthy as possible. If any parent continues to violate this sick policy, they will no longer have a position at the child care for their child.